The salt in my tears.

Tears bubble down my face  and, on my lips, I can taste the saltiness.  It reminds me of the ocean  which, in its immensity,  seems similar to my suffering. Like the tide, the pain ebbs and flows but this I know;  it will never end. Some pain has no cure.  It’s something I have to … Continue reading The salt in my tears.

Kwansaba – “For Harriet Tubman”

Kwansaba is a poetry form developed by Dr. Eugene Redmond. Celebratory poems of seven lines or less, seven words per line or less, and seven syllables or less per line. See link for more info I attended a virtual event with a local poet and artist, Pacia Anderson, in honor of Black History month … Continue reading Kwansaba – “For Harriet Tubman”

Community Support Specialists Poem

Sometimes it's all happening at once.  Running around, putting fires out,  just to have another one spring up. Situations I never would have imagined,  one thing after another, rush, rush, rush. Sometimes it feels  like pushing a boulder up a hill, with my nose; each fourth of an inch,  a major achievement, a tiny step of progress that'll … Continue reading Community Support Specialists Poem

Sir Iridescent Sparkles

You were just a tiny lifeblipping in, and thenblipping outagain. One of my favorite Betta fish,curious and energetic.I tried tosatisfy your restlessnesswith gifts of fake plants, pink and green;places to explore or hide. But you faded steadilyand worst of all,I saw it comingbut didn’t know how toprevent it. And now, Sir Iridescent Sparkles,I throw you … Continue reading Sir Iridescent Sparkles